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Are you searching for acupuncture or an allergy relief specialist in Charlotte, NC? We offer a variety of services, including, Chinese & herbal medicine, Hashimoto's and hypothyroid consulting, herbal supplementation, herbology, holistic and natural allergy desensitization, lab test analysis, homeopathy, autoimmune advice, kinesiology, emotional freedom technique, and weight loss and detox. Read More...

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Our supplements, herbs, minerals, homeopathics, and vitamins are each individually examined, tested, and screened for the highest quality available on the market. Our licensed professionals can recommend health solutions with the assurance of the highest quality herbal supplementation.

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Make an appointment today! Our medical practitioners provide unparalleled care, paying close attention to our patients' needs and concerns. At our family business, you'll never feel like you're 'just a number' and you will receive a highly personalized holistic treatment plan. Read More...

Kristien Boyle, LaC.

Kristien Boyle, LaC., a nationally board certified Herbalist & Acupuncturist in Charlotte NC, also has a main focus on Hashimoto's, Amenorrhea, Arthritis, Autoimmune disorders, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hypothyroid issues, and therapeautic analysis and healing of Adrenal Gland Disorders. Please call him at 704.308.2557 to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Dr. Cushing, D.C. has over thirty-five years of clinical experience in the art and science of holistic healing. His main focus is on natural ways of allergy desensitization, emotional freedom technique (EFT), chronic fatigue, kinesiology, chiropractic medicine, and losing weight using natural detoxifying methods and techniques. Please call him at 704.776.4185 to learn more.

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