121115_holistic_wellness_001Kristien Boyle. Director of Functional Medicine.
L.Ac., MSOM., Dipl.O.M., Dipl.C.H., Dipl.Ac.


Initial Consultation: $245

Wellness Visit: $110

Initial Acupuncture Consultation: $130

Subsequent Acupuncture Visit: $75

15 Minute Consultation: Complimentary


Please note: Pricing does not include lab work interpretation, supplements and herbal formulas.

If you would like to discuss your case with us prior to making an appointment, please e-mail our patient adviser: sunny@holisticcharlotte.com.

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  • For Kristien Boyle L.Ac. services, please call: (704) 308-2557 or contact his Patient Advisor, Sunny Ayala, at patientadvisorsunny@gmail.com.