Debra Toth – Biography

Debra Toth, RYT, NCLMBT #9673


Debra Toth graduated from The Body Therapy Institute and is additionally certified in Medical Massage. She holds a B.A. from The College of Charleston, and a M. InEd. from Clemson University. She is registered with Yoga Alliance, teaches at the YMCA and is certified in therapeutic yoga. She is currently completing the Viniyoga Foundations Program for Teaching and Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow, an authentic style of yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya. She is a member of Yoga Alliance, The International Association of Yoga Therapists, Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals and an exhibiting member of Piedmont  Craftsmen.


Services Offered

  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues for the purposes of enhancing health through relaxation, reduction of muscle tension and anxiety, improvement of circulation and an increase in range and ease of movement. Massage is a vital element in healing and management of many dis-eases, including those of a physical, spiritual or mental nature. Services include relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and joint mobilizations.
  •  Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga sessions are taught and designed to provide personalized attention to each client’s specific physical needs.  Regular practice of yoga benefits those seeking health and wholeness by reducing stress, learning acceptance of current physical states and emotional conditions. Yoga also provides a general increase in overall health and vitality.  Specific sessions can be designed with a special focus on assisting with back pain, loss of flexibility, reducing shoulder and hip tension or the promotion of overall stress reduction.
  •  Expressive Art: Expressive art classes include techniques of applying pigments and collage materials to substrates, for the purpose of self-expression, journaling the inner life in a visual way.



  • For rates, please contact Debra at  (704) 236-4402.




“I have enormous confidence in you. You are one of the most talented, caring and incredible people I have ever met.  You have an amazing light.”


“ I feel the best I’ve felt in 2 weeks. THANK YOU for a great session today!”


“You are such a fantastic spirit and wonderful to talk to. You have helped me in SO many ways and I’m very happy and grateful to have gotten to know you over the past several months. Thank you for everything.”


“Debra, you are a healer. Your deep stretch class is the best thing around.”


“You are amazing, you challenge without judging.”


“After more than 40 years of intense racquetball, jogging, skiing, and meniscus operations on both knees, I decided that to continue these activities it was time to have a right knee replacement.  My symptoms were constant pain, weakness and stiffness in the right knee.  Debra suggested that my knee problems might be helped through more focused stretching and massage therapy in my leg muscles. Debra designed a series of exercises to stretch and strengthen my right leg and through HER targeted massage therapy, she has softened and relaxed tightness and cramping that I had previously experienced. I committed to do the daily program she designed. Two weeks after starting the therapy I was amazed and unbelievably happy that the stiffness and pain were gone. I was able to play raquetball again. Debra has convinced me that there are alternatives to major surgeries. She is a sincere, genuine and very professional therapist and person. I will continue to use her expertise to improve my life and give her my highest possible recommendation.”



To schedule a massage or private yoga session please call (704) 236-4402