“I first visited the Holistic Wellness Center after stumbling upon a free thyroid summit online about functional medicine.  I began searching for someone local who used this model of treatment and had expertise and experience treating the gut, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions. I was in a state of desperation because my quality of life was greatly diminished due to having daily panic attacks (I could not drive a car at this point), severe insomnia, fatigue, and a whole host of troubling symptoms. Words really fail to adequately describe this dark trial in my life… My husband and I needed a doctor with empathy and compassion for my delicate state and in God’s sovereign providence, we found one!


Prior to coming to Dr. Boyle, I was on natural desiccated thyroid meds for years and didn’t realize they were actually working against my body instead of for it. Some people do well on them but me – not so much. I had never been tested for thyroid antibodies prior to being treated by Dr. Boyle so I was unaware my condition was actually one of autoimmune Hashimoto’s (this info was definitely a positive game changer for me!).  Dr. Boyle’s treatment plan included lifestyle changes, neurological exercises, wise supplementation, and nutritional food which served to balance blood sugar, immune system, gut health and homeostasis.


What I love most about the Holistic Wellness Center is for the very first time in my life, a doctor educated me on my labs, health condition, and treatment plan so that I could be enlightened, equipped, and knowledgeable. This is true health care! When my life was in a state of turmoil, they remained calm, professional, and encouraging. One thing that really stands out to me, after having dealt with both holistic and conventional doctors in the past, is Dr. Boyle’s accessibility through email to answer any of my concerns or questions. If you are tired of suffering and desire to be treated with value and dignity, then the Holistic Wellness Center is for you!”  – Starla Tracy



“I had given up all hope on curing my digestive issues and was tired of other doctors prescribing toxic meds. Dr. Boyle is incredibly knowledgeable on how the body organs work and communicate with each other. I had specific testing that gave me the answers I’ve been looking for 15 years that no other doctor could figure out. Since treatment, naturally, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my body! I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.” – Lori


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“Nothing I could say or do seems good enough to express how much Dr. Boyle’s care and support has meant to my family. I came to the Holistic Wellness Center because I wanted to heal my infertility problems the natural way without hormone injections and heal my amenorrhea instead of just masking it. The time and attention he gave me at each visit and his dedication to holistic medicine were truly a godsend for me.


I truly felt like he addressed the physical, emotion, and mental changes I needed to make and he did it in such a caring, compassionate, and wise way. Three months after Dr. Boyle cured my amenorrhea, I became pregnant with my first child. Joseph is a healthy and wonderful little boy. Becoming a mother had truly been the greatest thing I could ever imagine. We are now pregnant with our second baby. Dr. Boyle is an amazing doctor and person. I have referred so many people to him, although I know that I could never do anything to match the ways he has blessed our lives.” – Katie Carriker


“I first started working with Dr. Boyle about a year ago when, I sent him an email to see if he would work with me even though I live halfway across the country. I’ve never been seriously ill, or had debilitating symptoms, but ever since my mid 20s a steady weight gain, combined with skin issues since childhood, and two pregnancies with gestational diabetes, I knew something wasn’t right.

I have worked with many conventional and alternative medicine practitioners over the years, but never was able to get any concrete answers or solutions. I would research all kinds of diets and symptoms to the point where I would become so overwhelmed with information that I would just shut down and not even try to do anything to improve my health. It was time for a change now, though. I lost my own mom when I was 24 and I was determined to do everything in my power to be as healthy as I could for the two amazing kids that I was lucky enough to have in my life.

After my first conversation with Dr. Boyle, and first round of blood work, we had a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. I immediately stopped gluten and haven’t looked back. Dr. Boyle always very clearly explains what we are doing and why we are doing it. He takes extra time to make sure and answer any questions I have, and I feel like he genuinely cares about me as a person. It hasn’t been easy – I went through a protocol for leaky gut for six months, which incorporated a very strict diet. It has definitely been overwhelming at times to make such drastic changes; but the results I have achieved have been truly life-altering and have helped me to  commit to stay on track.

While we still have a lot of work left to do, I already feel better than I ever have in my life. I’ve lost 50 pounds, I eat better than I ever thought possible, and I am regularly exercising for the first time in my life. I feel like I have become a more patient and kind mom and wife, I’ve been more focused and successful in my career, and I have this enormous sense of gratitude every single day for the life that I have.  For a Type A personality like me, Kristien’s calm demeanor has been a life-saver. He knows when to push me, but also when to tell me not to worry so much. His knowledge, support and patience have been invaluable. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Kristien’s on my path to optimum wellness. He has truly helped me change my life.” – Jen Egan



“Dr. Boyle is AMAZING! I began seeing Dr. Boyle in April 2013 after my daughter suggested I take a look at his website. I had been searching for a functional practitioner after hitting rock bottom with my health. I finally got answers after years and years with none. Dr. Boyle has been patient with me as I’ve struggled, and the support and encouragement I’ve received from the staff has been incredible. I highly recommend this practice!” – Heather Mattingly