Biography: Dr. Zook, MD

Dr. Michelle Zook, MD

Dr. Zook, MD, is a Medical Doctor and received her degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. Her focus is on preventive and proactive medicine. She is widely respected for her dedicated and caring approach to medicine.

Dr. Zook is very down-to-earth and compassionate. She works to guide our members towards independence through education and empowerment. Instead of focusing on symptom management, she seeks to help our members understand the true underlying nature of their disharmony in their body.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Zook is a mother to three young children and enjoys practicing what she preaches with an active, healthy life.

At the Holistic Wellness Center, she works closely with our practitioner team, including Dr. Kristien Boyle, D.O.M., AP., (FL) L.Ac.,(SC), and Dr. Jeffrey Matz, DC, in our programs of care to ensure that our members receive a truly holistic approach. Our team of doctors will work to create an action plan and get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck in a state of discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease through a systems-oriented approach that engages both the practitioner and clinic member in a therapeutic partnership. It shifts the traditional disease-centered focus of conventional medicine to a more patient-centered approach. This addresses people as a whole, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

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Prospective clinic members can attend a life-changing educational talk to learn more about our holistic approach to healthcare.


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