Holistic Tests and Exams

Tests and Exams

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  • charlotte infection testingAdrenal Stress index (Adrenal testing)
  • Nutrigenomic testing – Genetic SNP’s – (Stratagene analysis – Dr. Ben Lynch)
  • Blood chemistry
  • Antibody testing
  • Cyrex pathogen panels (viral and bacterial infections)
  • Functional neurological assessments
  • Blood-brain barrier permeability test (Cyrex labs)
  • Chemical and Heavy metal antibody screening (Cyrex Labs)
  • Intestinal permeability testing – Leaky gut (Cyrex Labs)
  • Stool Analysis – infections
  • Salivary and serum hormone analysis
  • Food sensitivity testing (Cyrex Labs)
  • Food sensitivity testing (Great Plains Laboratories)
  • Food allergy testing (Great Plains Laboratories)
  • Complete thyroid panels
  • Multi tissue antibody screen (Cyrex Labs)
  • Igenix Testing
  • Immunoscience labs
  • Pyrolurea urinalysis (DHA labs)
  • Plasma zinc, whole blood histamine, RBC Copper (DHA Labs)
  • MTHFR and another SNP testing (Stratagene analysis – Dr. Ben Lynch)
  • Medical Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Structural examinations
  • Neuropathy examinations
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