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IV Regenerative Therapy

Personalized IV Therapy from a family owned clinic that's been open for 13 years!

What can IV Regenerative Therapy help?

Regenerative Therapy IV treatments address a variety of ailments especially related to aging such as joint damage and pain, inflammation and tissue damage. The IV therapy accomplishes this by stimulating the natural healing process in our bodies.

What Are IV Regenerative Therapies From?

In the body there are unspecialized "master cells"; that are capable of developing into every other cell type in our body. As we age, our these cells become slightly more specialized but maintain their ability to regenerate, repair, and replace different tissues throughout the body. As an adult, these cells are responsible for regeneration mainly reside within our bone marrow and fat cells. Then, when the body becomes inflamed or injured, they migrate through our blood to the area of injury or need and assist in the healing process by reducing inflammation, preventing further tissue death, creating new blood vessels, reprogramming dysfunctional and/or older cells, and recruiting other similar cells to the area to assist. In some organs, these regenerative cells regularly divide to repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues for the lifetime of the individual, but in other organs they only divide under special conditions. The frequency with which our cells divide is directly correlated with the reduction in length of our telomeres, and cell division happens slower and less frequently with age – hence the body’s reduced capacity for healing and regeneration.

Why Do We IV Regenerative Therapy

With the proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation, our bodies have an incredible potential to heal themselves, but sometimes they need extra support. Because adults are limited in both number and potency of these special cells in the body, sometimes they do not support the repair process as much as we need them to. One of the ways we can help bring vitality and resilience back to the body is by administering products containing or originating from these regenerative cells. When these are given to someone as a therapy, these products work by signaling your body's own resident regenerative cells to activate and migrate to areas of inflammation and injury. The general mechanism of these cells involve:

○ Controlling inflammation

○ Modulating and boosting the immune system

○ Reducing scar tissue

○ Cellular reprogramming

○ Stimulating regeneration

○ Cell migration and inter-cellular communication

Monday - Thursday Appointments

Where are The Holistic Wellness Center's Regenerative Cells sourced from?

The Holistic  Wellness Center only partners with human-tissue manufacturing labs that are registered and compliant with standards set by AATB, CGMP & FDA. Additionally, these labs are AATB (American Association of Tissue Banking) accredited, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, follow GTP (Good Tissue Practices), and WHO (World Health Organization) protocols and procedures to meet applicable requirements.

Sourcing: These labs only accept bio-ethically donated birth tissue from healthy consenting mothers in the United States who have passed a comprehensive medical background check, blood screenings, and have full-term, live, C-section births. These labs work with tissue procurement organizations within the United States who use collection techniques that follow the AATB guidelines, prioritizing the health and safety of the mother and baby above procurement.

Testing Guidelines

Testing + Validation: We exceed industry standards for lot testing. 20% of every lot manufactured is sent for sterility, endotoxin, and environmental testing by a third-party laboratory that is a global leader in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and environmental testing. These are 503B Pharmacy standards that no other lab in this industry abides by - they're not legally required, but they far exceed safety standards set in this industry.

  1. USP 71 Sterility Guidelines (All Fungus, Mold, Yeast, Bacteria) in accordance with AATB and FDA guidelines.
  2. Endotoxin guidelines and environmental testing in accordance with AATB and FDA guidelines.
  3. Viruses, blood, and tissue borne pathogens in accordance with AATB and FDA guidelines including HIV, HBsAg, HCV, HBc Total, HTLV I/II, RPR, HIV/HCV/HBV Ultrio, WNV NAT, CMV Ab, Zika NAT, Lyme Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, E.coli, Candida, and COVID-19.

What to expect at a IV Therapy session?

After determining the personalized combination of nutrients, medicine, and vitamins necessary for your treatment, you will be taken to a private room for administering the IV. The registered nurse will disinfect the site of injection. After insertion, the fluid drips from the bag then into your bloodstream. The treatments typically take 30 minutes to 1 hour. The speed of the results depends on what you are trying to address. For example, if you are trying to manage a chronic condition, the results take longer than simply addressing a hangover.

How Quick Are The Results

This depends of course on the goals of the patient. A long term serious chronic condition will take longer to heal versus a sports injury.

Will I need more than one treatment? This depends on the nature of the condition. A serious chronic condition may need long term treatment, whilst an acute injury may just need one.

Is the dose based by weight?

No, just like any medicine sometimes the smallest person needs a higher dose versus someone larger. We use a substantial dose and leave it up to the regenerative cells and the body's natural healing mechanisms. Weight-based dosing was originally a recommendation in this industry  based on the use of Cord Blood - a product that is now mostly considered obsolete due to its relatively low concentration of the necessary regenerative Cells. Holistic Charlotte uses the most technologically advanced products that have been processed using filtration methods that not only increase the safety profile, but also retain a much higher amount of MSC's than was previously available to the market in the US. As such, the weight-based recommendations for a lesser product are irrelevant and would be astronomical in number if applied to the current product offering we provide.

Side effects?

There is a very low risk of side effects; the products provided at our clinic come from birth tissue sources that have an almost immeasurably low content of CD34 and similar rejection markers that are found more so in blood-based products, and as such there is essentially no chance of rejection. A healthy person often times can experience more of a noticeable side effect than a sick person, as the influx of these important cells will create an initial immune reaction at times and this can be perceived as excessive drowsiness, fatigue, and similar symptoms that typically last a day or two at the most... but the response afterwards is polarizing and sustained. A sick person, on the other hand, has many more systemic needs for these cells to "home in to" and work to correct, so the healthier person's immune response is not something that a sick person typically experiences. Separately, our products do NOT contain DMSO as a cryopreservant and as such there is no concern for sulfa allergy.

We emphasize a closer relationship between you and the provider

You are in control of your health! 


Meet Your Provider

Joanie Jackson, RN, BSN, MSN is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She is a graduate of University of South Carolina Upstate (BS in Nursing) and South University (MS in Nursing).

Joanie has worked in multiple areas of nursing, including cardiac telemetry, progressive care and Neurosurgical ICU for over 10 years before pursuing a Masters Degree.

Joanie has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 4 years, working in a post acute care rehab / long term care setting. Joanie's passion is to provide patients with natural and pharmaceutical choices when necessary.

As a native Fort Mill-ian, she and her husband, Stephen, met in high school and have been married 15 years. Together they have 2 children, ages 11 and 9. When not working, she loves to travel but never turns down a quick trip to the beach, and also enjoys college football (Go Gamecocks!).


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