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Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

At the Holistic Wellness Center, we excel at helping people naturally manage their hormonal imbalances through physician-grade supplementation, proper testing, and lifestyle coaching. It’s extremely important that you understand the best diet for your body and know your food sensitivities.

Do you believe your hormones are out of balance? We can help.

Obesity - charlotte hormone imbalance treatment

Do you lack energy?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Have you lost your libido?

Do you struggle to focus your mind, have difficulty completing tasks, and feel like you’re in a “brain fog?”

Have you been told it’s just part of getting older, it’s probably ‘all in your head,’ or the only thing you can do is take yet another prescription?

Diet Before and After - charlotte hormone imbalance treatment

Most of us think of stress in just one way – emotional stress. But in reality, there are other types of stress that your body must contend with – chemical stress and physical stress.

The term “detox” sounds trendy, but it’s really not. Your body works hard to detox itself every single day. For example, your liver is a filter. It detoxifies your body, protecting you from chemicals you ingest, environment toxins, and even natural byproducts of metabolism (like excess estrogen). If your natural detoxification system is impaired – and many people find themselves in this position after years of exposure to toxins, drugs, or poor eating habits – your body will struggle to break down these harmful agents.

Constant stress, whether emotional, physical or chemical, wrecks havoc on your body’;s detoxification and hormonal system. As a result, people experience anxiety, depression, digestive problems, blood sugar imbalances, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, and memory issues. They also often experience weight gain in distinctive patterns, as illustrated below (from left to right, you’;ll see examples of ‘estrogen body type,’ ‘cortisol body type,’ ‘thyroid body type,’ and liver issues).

Hormones - charlotte inflammation treatment

For the past 5 years or so, I have been dealing with acne, cold hands and feet, painful menstrual periods, severe anemia, endometriosis, having a hard time remembering things, sugar cravings and hair loss. As with many people, I just brushed these things off especially because I was someone who was rarely SICK-SICK. Over this time, I noticed my weight would keep going up by a few pounds and I would not lose the weight despite exercising.

In 2014, my hair stylist noticed a small balding spot in the crown of my head and at this time I was about 9 pounds up from my normal body weight. I went to a dermatologist and he literally blew it. By the end of the summer 2015, the same hairstylist said I should get a second opinion because I had lost a lot of hair. By now I could feel the slick spots on my scalp in the crown of my head that were now bald spots. I was now 13lbs over my normal body weight, exhausted every day I got home from work, always cold, eating more than normal, and now I was not sleeping well. I knew I needed to find a good homeopathic doctor but I didn’t really have time because I was so busy with work and life.

Hair Regrowth Before and After - hormone imbalance treatment in charlotte

My appointments with the clinic were more like learning sessions. He is extremely knowledgeable of the body and explained how most of my issues were all connected.

My acne has cleared up, my energy levels are back up, I am not cold all the time anymore, my menstrual cycles have improved a lot, and I no longer crave sugar and carbs. I lost a total of 20lbs (went from 153lbs to 133lb) and a recent trip to the salon shows my hair has grown back a lot. Dr. Matz DC, Caitlin and Dr. Boyle were equally as amazing and helpful through the entire process!

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