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I started the journey at the Holistic Wellness Center back in February, I am a breast cancer survivor, and suffered from Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and Thyroid disease. Every day, I woke up in pain and went to sleep in pain. My quality of sleep was poor, which lead to painful days along with migraines. My doctors had me on so many different drugs
 Flexeril for pain, Glipizide for Diabetes, Xanax for sleep, Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia and the list goes on. When I began working with the clinic, I was taking 6 different medications!

When I came to Holistic Wellness Center, I was desperate for a better life and to just be HEALTHY. I am 7 months into the program, and I must say I am now living a pain-free life. I am now down to 2 different medications (not 6!). My blood work has improved dramatically and continues to do so, I lost 22 pounds so far, and I have no more migraines. Their support has been tremendous, besides all the good results, I have learned a great deal about myself, what to look for in my bloodwork, how to eat healthy, what to look for in foods and how to take care of myself!

This group of people have changed my life
 they have helped me get my life back! - Cindy Pollina

In 1999, while living in Florida, I began to notice flu-like symptoms along with episodes of imbalance and disequilibrium
 a dizzy, woozy, lightheaded feeling. The symptoms worsened and impacted my life on a daily basis.    I saw more doctors and did more tests that I could count. Everything was affected. Physically, I felt lousy; emotionally, I was frustrated beyond words; financially, the impact over the years was completely overwhelming. Were it not for my strong Christian faith
 I can’t imagine where I would be. I eventually found a doctor that diagnosed me correctly and provided me with the right treatment, but because my condition went undiagnosed and untreated for 16 years, I was left with chronic health problems.

Enter the Holistic Wellness Center of the Carolinas!  From the first visit, I knew I had found people who truly cared and would do everything possible to help me. I had kept a file box of my medical records over the years and always brought it to every doctor.  The Holistic Wellness Center was place that actually went through every single piece of paper.  The collaboration and information-sharing between the practitioners were so incredibly beneficial.  My healing is certainly a work in progress, but now I have more good days than bad, and I can see by my blood work that my body is getting stronger.

From the services and programs offered to the outstanding educational curriculum, to the highest quality supplements and supplies, to the clearly high standard of excellence that the staff holds themselves to
 The clinic has no equal in my extensive experience.  Know that you are in capable, caring hands.  At the Holistic Wellness Center, you have truly found your healing home and family. - Jan Cook

I spent most of the time in a brain fog. I had mysterious pains all the time. I also felt drained all the time. I finally sought a medical doctor and was diagnosed to be diabetic. I was given insulin and Metformin and was told that I would always be insulin dependent. After much prayer for healing, I found out my neighbor was a patient of Holistic Wellness Center. After talking to her, I knew I had to see how they could make my situation better. It was God answering my prayer.

You have to understand the staff at the clinic LOVE what they do. Their enthusiasm and confidence is infectious. They have tapped into a way to make people feel better and get well. They educate each person on what they need to do, they listen and make suggestions. The doctor visits are never hurried and always uplifting. They provide excellent classes, high grade supplements, exercise class, infrared sauna, mindful classes, the ease of the blood testing, reading materials, reading library, and they have a beautiful office. Anytime I needed help with a question or issue they were always willing to help. It wasn’t just me; I saw them doing that for everyone.

In my 6 months, I lost 40 pounds and continue to lose. I am no longer considered a diabetic. While at the clinic, I found out that I actually have an autoimmune disease as well, which explains a lot. My lifestyle is managing it now. I will never go back to eating the way I used to. I am better and feel healthy. Just comparing my blood work from when I came to the clinic to now – it is so different. I also have been inspired by Dr. Matz DC’s background as a triathlete. I am now scheduled to run in a 5K! There was no way I would even attempt that before. – Cynthia Robinson

My health struggles were sugar diabetes and being overweight. My family doctor put me on 500 milligrams of Metformin to help get my blood sugar down; he also wanted to put me on a cholesterol medication. After the office visit my wife said, “We can beat that sugar diabetes and you don’t want to take a drug for cholesterol." Later, when we were at my eye doctor’s office, we saw a sign for The Holistic Wellness Center. We got some information about it and went to a free educational talk and dinner where we met the staff. My wife said she would join with me and we would both see the doctor at the same time. After only 5 days on the program, I got off of Metformin. My family doctor was amazed about my sugar being down and said, “Keep doing whatever you are doing!”

To someone new on this, focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. In Genesis 1:29, God tells man what to eat. I love this journey of good health. I am not taking any pharmaceutical medications. I lost weight, I went from 214 to 165 pounds in 6 months. I sleep better. I have lots more energy since I am burning fat now, not sugar. I am still learning how to have a permanent change of mind. You are what you digest, absorb, and assimilate. - Larry Wiggins

Over the past two years, my face and eyes have broken out with a horribly painful, ugly rash and swelling. It was extremely painful as my eyes would swell shut or my eyelids would cut open and bleed from the immense swelling and inflammation. I went to a total of five dermatologists and eye doctors who prescribed various drugs and steroid drops for my eyes. The first round of steroid drops helped but after that, the painful swelling and irritation came back even more virulent that before.

Following up on a friend’s recommendation, I enrolled in a comprehensive health program with Holistic Wellness Center. In less than two months, my face and eyes are 90-95% cleared up. I’m sure it’s a combination of the cleansing and healing supplements suggested for me along with the regular infrared sauna treatments and removing inflammatory foods from my diet.

I am so grateful to have found the Holistic Wellness Center. The staff is as intelligent, kind-hearted and generous as it gets. I’m looking forward to seeing even greater improvement with my overall health and well-being as I continue through the program. - Nancy Winters

This is truly one of the best investments I have made!

For the past 5 years or so, I have been dealing with acne, cold hands and feet, painful menstrual periods, severe anemia, endometriosis, having a hard time remembering things, sugar cravings and hair loss. As with many people, I just brushed these things off especially because I was someone who was rarely SICK-SICK. Over this time, I noticed my weight would keep going up by a few pounds and I would not lose the weight despite exercising.

In 2014, my hair stylist noticed a small balding spot in the crown of my head and at this time I was about 9 pounds up from my normal body weight. I went to a dermatologist and he literally blew it. By the end of the summer 2015, the same hairstylist said I should get a second opinion because I had lost a lot of hair. By now I could feel the slick spots on my scalp in the crown of my head that were now bald spots. I was now 13lbs over my normal body weight, exhausted every day I got home from work, always cold, eating more than normal, and now I was not sleeping well. I knew I needed to find a good homeopathic doctor but I didn’t really have time because I was so busy with work and life.

Around November, I kept seeing the Holistic Wellness Center dinner talks for Thyroid on Facebook and it peeked my interest. After a couple of weeks, I signed up for a dinner talk.

After the presentation, I knew these people knew what they were doing. I signed up for a consultation after the dinner talk. Shortly after that I went in for my physical and my primary care physician gave me a clean bill of health despite the fact that my glucose levels were slightly over the normal range and my iron/ferratin levels were still pretty low. I explained to her that I was having trouble losing weight despite dietary and exercise adjustments and that I was concerned about my blood sugar. She told me to exercise more, take more iron ”if I could tolerate it” and that I had probably eaten something sweet the day prior to my lab work. She also stated that I was getting “older.” I was very unsatisfied when I left the doctor’s office that day and it was then I decided I was going to do something sooner than later.

My consultation was awesome. We spent a lot of time going over my issues and what I wanted to achieve and I found him to be very knowledgeable. Shortly after that I joined the Wellness Center. The detox was good discipline and I lost 6 lbs. in the first few weeks. I found that it was not hard to do without the sugar and simple carbs while on the supplements with the detox. My labs reflected low thyroid hormone (TSH, t3, ft4, ft3), high hbA1C, high cortisol and testosterone and low ferratin and hemoglobin. Once I started the supplements, I started to feel better almost immediately. We also got to the bottom of what was causing my anemia. He talked with me about stress management and things to keep my stress levels in check. I utilized the infrared sauna for detoxification and relaxation - it’s amazing. And so are the HIIT classes. We also used Chinese herbs to support my reproductive system, with me having had a history of endometriosis.

My appointments with him were more like learning sessions. He is extremely knowledgeable of the body and explained how most of my issues were all connected.

My acne has cleared up, my energy levels are back up, I am not cold all the time anymore, my menstrual cycles have improved a lot, and I no longer crave sugar and carbs. I lost a total of 20lbs (went from 153lbs to 133lb) and a recent trip to the salon shows my hair has grown back a lot. Dr. Matz DC, Caitlin and Katie were equally as amazing and helpful through the entire process! - Caroline H.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto';s Thyroiditis 14 years ago... with a TSH of 124. My doctor prescribed Synthroid, and that number came down. Over the years, however, I noticed that, while my numbers looked good, I still didn';t FEEL good. I was always tired, had trouble losing weight, and had mysterious aches and pains. I got sick easily and never felt as clear-minded as I should.

Over time, things got worse. I developed arthritis and food allergies. In January, I started having an arrhythmia (called PVCs). A Holter study showed that they were occurring every few beats...6400 times in a day. I couldn';t tell you how many times I have been to the doctor over the last 5 years alone. Each time, the doctor had no answers and usually sent me on my way with either a referral or a prescription (or both).

Being a teacher, I started studying on my own and learned a great deal about what is going on in my body. My doctors didn';t always share in my appreciation of learning and always had their own ideas...which included more prescriptions or the phrase, "you';ll just have to live with it." I went gluten-free and tried some auto-immune diets with some minor success. What I really needed though was testing to see which information was relevant to me, guidance on next steps, supplementation, and some chiropractics.

During Spring Break, I ate gluten. What a mistake! Everything flared up. I felt like my throat was closing up, I felt like I was going to pass out when I leaned my neck forward, and everything ached. Thankfully, a friend invited me to a Thyroid and Autoimmunity Talk at Holistic Wellness Center. My husband and I decided to give this a try... since the conventional route had done nothing to help. In fact, it was making me sicker by ignoring the underlying causes which were wreaking havoc in my body. We made the choice to invest in ME and my health.

The team created a 6-month plan for me. I am about a month and a half in, and here';s where I stand. My PVCs are gone, my throat doesn';t feel like it';s closing up, I no longer take an antihistamine for "food allergies", the light-headed feeling is gone, the acid reflux I have always had is gone, I am sleeping better and have more energy, my aches have reduced, and I have lost about 15 pounds. (Yay!)

As a "student," I have learned so much about myself and my condition, and I have learned to pay attention to what my body is telling me. It feels so good to be respected, listened to, educated, and most of all to have results! I';m looking forward to what is next for me Holistic Wellness Center and am so thankful for the doctors and staff there who are mentoring me on my journey back to wellness. - Christina Knighten


I had never been tested for thyroid antibodies prior to being treated by the team so I was unaware my condition was actually one of autoimmune Hashimoto’s (this info was definitely a positive game changer for me!)
. What I love most about the Holistic Wellness Center is for the very first time in my life, a doctor educated me on my labs, health condition, and treatment plan so that I could be enlightened, equipped, and knowledgeable. This is true health care! One thing that really stands out to me, after having dealt with both holistic and conventional doctors in the past, is the doctors’ accessibility through email to answer any of my concerns or questions. If you are tired of suffering and desire to be treated with value and dignity, then the Holistic Wellness Center is for you! – Starla T.

My wife and I were very impressed with the amount of time spent with us. They not only shared their operations and vision, but also were very thorough in getting to know us personally, our interests, hobbies, and lifestyle before even discussing our reasons for visiting. We are both very encouraged by the knowledge and manner and enthusiasm for diagnosing the real reasons for our problems and teaching us tools to make lifestyle changes as needed. – Roy C.

This office is such a great fit for me! I have Hashimoto’s and really want to send it into remission through diet and lifestyle changes. They are so knowledgeable, patient and caring and I';m so grateful that I found this office. I';ve been to other holistic doctors (so I have something to compare) and I find that nothing slips through the cracks, every concern is addressed and proper testing is done to ensure the proper treatment/supplements/outcome. - Debbie L.

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