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Functional Medicine:
We start everyone off with an Initial Consultation where we can learn more about you and begin to customize your next steps. The fee for the initial consultation is $127. We set aside 45 minutes between you and the doctor. Prior to coming in, we'd get you organized with new member forms and if you have access to previous labs, we ask you to send in the last 2 yrs, if applicable.
At your appointment you will discuss your health concerns and the doctor will go over your goals and expectations. At that time, based upon that conversation, is where we begin to customize your next steps. The doctor will discuss labs and your appointment structure. We have a few options moving forward, which will be dependent upon your goals as well.
Subsequent fees range since we do many different things. To start, if labs are recommended, our Initial Comprehensive Lab Panel plus your lab review appointment might range between $700 - $1500.  The Functional Medicine team creates custom packages that range from 2 months to 12 months of care and these tend to range from $1900 to $8900. These packages are designed to be all inclusive and are customized using supplements, labs, appointments, sauna therapy, primary care, IV therapies, health coaching, hypnotherapy, education, and more. Packages are helpful for those who will need multiple in-depth lab tests and more frequent communication with the team but need to be able to use financing to bundle the fee.
We offer different payment options such as pay in full discounts, monthly installments and we also work with third party financing companies such as Care Credit and Ally Lending that can offer 12 - 60 month payment plans.


Primary Care Membership Only

  • 1 Member - $149 per Month
  • 2 Family Members - $199 per Month
  • 3 Family Members - $225 per Month
  • 4 Family Members - $249 per Month
  • 5 Family Members - $269 per Month
  • 6 Family Members - $289 per Month
  • 7 Family Members - $309 per Month

Supplements discounted 10% off for members - free shipping over $50


Member only availability for services:

Chiropractic/structural/ultrasound or stim machine
Chiropractic evaluation - $75
Chiro/Structural subsequent appt - $50

Health Coach Appointments - $75 for 30 minutes


One off Appointments or A la Carte:

Primary Care - limited to once per year - $199

Functional Medicine - $570


IV Therapy:
● Optimal Wellness $140
● Immune Boost $180
● Migraine relief $160
● Hangover treatment $150
● Vitamin D Injection (preservative free) $55
● Energy $220
● Detox $250
● Metabolic/Weight support $300
● b6 Injection $360
● Vitamin D Injection $30
● Glutathione add on $30-$100 (800mg-3000mg)
● B12 injection $25
● Lipo M $30
● Vitamin D injection $30
● Toradol $10
● Zofran $10
● 1L Normal Saline $75


High Dose Vitamin C infusions: Requires CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel and G6PD to start - $47

10g - $100

25g - $160

50g - $260

75g - $320

100g -  $400


Iron Infusions

Labs needed are: CBC, CMP, serum ferritin, iron, transferrin,  percent transferrin saturation (TSAT),  Total iron binding capacity (TIBC)
*Infusion will take about 45 minutes, and will most likely require multiple infusions to reach the total dose needed.
*Max frequency for infusions is twice weekly
* Cost is $200 per infusion, so if you need a total of 1000mg iron, this would require 5 infusions of 200mg and cost $1000.


At home IV fee:

local within 20 miles $75 (1st or last appt), over 20 miles $100 (1st or last appt)


Glutathione add on:
800mg $30
1200mg $45
1600mg $60
2000mg $75
2400mg $85
3000mg $100


$40 per session
10 pack at $320


Hypnotherapy Emotional detox appt $150 1.5 hours
Follow ups 1 hour $100
Package of 3 $325


Specialized Regenerative IV:

TRINITY 2 IV  5M $4587
TRINITY 2 IV  10M $6987

Iso X 5 mL IV Safe Exosomes 75 Billion $4387
Iso X 2 mL IV Safe Exosomes 30 Billion $2887
Iso X 1 mL IV Safe Exosomes 15 Billion $2287

F-MATRIX Exosomes 5 mL $1587



** All specialized IV get a free Myers between more than one IV booked.


Non members
** 5% off 2nd infusion
** 10% off if purchase a package of 3 (at one time)



** 10% off 2nd infusion
** 15% off if purchase a package of 3 (at one time)

We offer different payment options such as, pay in full discounts, monthly installments and we also work with third party financing companies like Care Credit and Ally lending that can offer 12-60 month payment plans.

Joanie Jackson speaking to a patient.
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