The Holistic Wellness Center believes in a truly holistic approach where our emotional health needs to be addressed in almost every case. The traumas we have experienced are typically an underlying cause that either is the tipping point into chronic health conditions or at least magnify other underlying causes. One of our favorite and most effective ways to address these root causes is through hypnotherapy. When integrated into a Holistic care plan, hypnotherapy helps to unlock the potential for true healing.

At the clinic, we use a combination of NLP (Neural Linguistic patterning), HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution), energetic re-patterning, and Hypnotherapy to resolve unconscious emotional/mental patterns/blocks & blockages that manifest as physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Unconscious blocks (repressed trauma and emotional issues) are often the cause of addiction disorders, mood/anxiety/panic disorders, negative emotional patterns affecting one’s relationship with themselves, their body and other relationships, allergies, focus/attention/ADHD, sleep issues, self-esteem, chronic pain & illness.
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