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Fall is approaching, and with the colder weather, many of us find ourselves a little sniffly.   I often get questions from friends and family on what natural remedies can be used to help them with a cold. Here are a few easy tips on what to put in your medicine cabinet.

In Chinese medicine, we apply energetics to our diagnosis. Simply put, any virus or bacteria will survive better in a specific energetic terrain – similar to polar bears in the arctic and camels in the desert. Although energetically there are many terrains and combinations of terrains, we are just going to focus on two to keep it simple.

Just as some women like Richard Gere others prefer Brad Pitt, viruses and bacteria generally fall for hot or cold terrains in the body. The key is to find a supplement that balances out the terrain that the virus or bacteria is thriving in. Certain supplements have either hot, neutral, or cold energetic properties.

Cold conditions

If you have chills, body aches, scratchy throat, no sweating, and clear nasal discharge – this is a pathogen that survives in a cold terrain. Here are a few things you can do: within the first day of getting symptoms you need to sweat it out. Put on a hoodie, wooly hat, gloves, and cover yourself in a massive duvet. When you sweat, it will push the virus or bacteria out of the pores. If you have access to a infar-red sauna this would be even better then the ‘bundle up' approach, plus you won't look as silly. Obviously, you should shower before going into public. After 2 days of being sick, the pathogen will have entered deeper into the body and thus this sweating method will not work. In this scenario, go see a medical practitioner.

Here are a few foods which will also heat up the body and kill the virus or bacteria: fresh garlic, Jamaican blue ring and scallions/chives.

Here are a few supplements that can also help: High potency echinacea, which will work for both cold and hot conditions because of it's   neutral energetic temperature and will also stimulate the immune system. Also try the active ingredient in garlic, allicidin.

Hot terrains/Pathogens

When you have sweating, body aches, feel hot, yellow nasal discharge and a sore throat this is a hot condition/terrain. Again, within the first day of illness, it is a good idea to try the sweating method.

Supplements to help kill viruses and bacteria in hot terrains in your body include high potency vitamin c, colloidal silver, and high potency echinacea.

If there is a combination of symptoms contact your local acupuncturist or herbalist so they can determine the best approach.

From the herbalist and acupuncturist here at The Holistic Wellness Center of Charlotte, good luck in the upcoming holiday season!

Meet the Author

Dr. Matz DC

Dr. Boyle D.A.C.M., LAc., DiplOM. is the founder of the Holistic Wellness Center of the Carolinas where he is the Director of Functional Medicine. He holds a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and is acupuncture physician and primary care physician in the state of Florida. His post-graduate focus has been in the fields of functional neurology, functional immunology, and functional endocrinology.

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