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This all boils down to personal taste. Would you like your doctor to be older or younger than you? Same sex or not? Does he or she have to be funny or stoic?   Does he or she have to like your college football team… or at least not be a fan of the enemy?

All of us blend with different personalities.   The important thing is that you feel comfortable and can communicate everything you need to your physician. Communication is the key to every patient-doctor relationship.


How can I find out if the Acupuncturist can treat my condition?


Do not be shy, ladies and gentlemen. Send us an e-mail or tweet from your fancy new i-Phone 4 or that i-Pad thingy.   We chose to be in this medicine to help people, and you will be surprised of what we can help you with. The myth that acupuncture and Chinese medicine only helps chronic pain issues is just that…. a myth. Imagine how insane everyone would be in China if all our medicine could do is relieve pain!   We handle a variety of cases, as explained here.


What do I say in my e-mail?


Detail, detail, and more details. Not what your wearing and where you are going out tonight, but…..when, where, and why you think the condition started.   Also include information on what aggravates your condition and what makes it better.   Mention how long you have had the condition and what other medications or treatments you have tried, as well as which treatments helped and how much.   Ask the practitioner what he thinks he can do for you.   All of us practice very differently and use varying modalities.


Some of these modalities cost more to implement then others. Ask the secretary or practitioner what they might implement for you, so you have an idea of the cost.


How do I choose between Dave and Bob?


If you do not have a friend who can recommend a practitioner, then a good thing to Google is: state (insert your state) licensing board for acupuncture and Oriental medicine.


Another website to visit is NCCAOM.ORG. This is our national licensing board (unless you are in California). On NCCAOM.ORG there is a link to: ‘find a practitioner' in your area.


If someone has Dipl.O.M. after their name, that means they passed all four of the national boards. Most states only require two, but some of us overachievers go for broke, literally. :) Our four boards are: Western Biomedicine/Western Sciences, Chinese Herbology, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


So how do you really chose between Dave and Bob? Take a look at their picture and if Bob looks creepy go with Dave!   :)

Meet the Author

Dr. Matz DC

Dr. Boyle D.A.C.M., LAc., DiplOM. is the founder of the Holistic Wellness Center of the Carolinas where he is the Director of Functional Medicine. He holds a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and is acupuncture physician and primary care physician in the state of Florida. His post-graduate focus has been in the fields of functional neurology, functional immunology, and functional endocrinology.

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  • Acupuncturist Mar 24, 2011, 8:18 pm

    I really like this article. I strongly believe in having an open honest and trusting relationship with anyone who is involved in the care of your health. Great advice!

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